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Episode 55 I Watched ALOT of Movies

Episode 55 I Watched ALOT of Movies

Dino and Michele have a new edition to the family. There is also a crap ton of movie talk. Topics include the new films FRIED BARRY,&  SHIFTER as well as a few films on AMC's SHUDDER app; HOST, POOL, TURKEY SHOOT, AND IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS. To put the cheery on...

Episode 54 Monday Was One Hell Of A Week!

We change it up a bit. You'll like it. So will your friends....Oh speaking of friends, Do you like to eat donuts with your friends? if yes, then have your friends subscribe listen and rate the podcast on itunes for a chance to win a dozen donuts. Sweet deal. Listen to...

Episode 53 MumblyBumbly

Dino and Michele are pretty much all over the place in this episode. Dino talks about his Youtube interview with Co-writer/ Director Colin Bressler about his new film on Amazon Prime REMY'S DEMONS, the docu-series A TOY STORE NEAR YOU (Prime and Youtube) the new film...


This episode is loaded with quintessential HuuuH?ness. We go back to the drive-in, Bring back STUMP THE DINO, Michele gleans insight from Rebekah McKendry's film PSYCHO GRANNY and more. So subscribe, listen, like review and BE DECENT TO EACH OTHER


Dino and Lloyd talk about how thy met at the hallowed floor of the  beloved VIDEO EXPRESS in Valley Stream Long Island. Lots of memories are shared. Subscribe , Like, Review and BE DECENT TO EACH OTHER

Episode Fabulous 50

Thats right! we have reached 50 regular episodes of HuuuH? podcast. In this ep we play a few games; WISE or OTHERWISE and the epic return of STUMP THE DINO. We talk about Rian Johnsons mystery  KNIVES OUT and much more. Thanks to Pint O' Comics and Shoot The Flick...

Episode 49 Happy Father’s Day To Me

Dino and Michele talk about the happenings this past weekend. Topics include, T shirts, mugs, yard sales, farmer's markets, Drive-Ins and a lot more. Sit back relax, listen, subscribe, rate, review and Be Decent To Each Other

Interview Larry Blamire

Dino talks with Larry Blamire about his body of work including the new Blu-Ray release of DARK AND STORMY NIGHT

Episode 48 AT THE DRIVE IN

Dino and Michele podcast from their exclusive mobile studio aka their Dodge Avenger . This is short sweet and fun. Special thanks to everyone who comes back week after week to listen. Please like & review and #BeDecentToEachOther.

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