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Episode 76. Dangit Michele! Reel It In HuuuH?!

Dino tries to keep on course as Michele keeps derailing the thought train. We talk about a lot of movies this week, including the WW 84 and Disney/Pixar's SOUL.Listen, Rate and Review and get a few friends to subscribe. Be Decent to Each Other.

Episode 75- New Year, New You, Same $#!+

This is our 1st episode of 2021 and we are kicking it off with a BANG. We return with the beloved I'd Buy That For A $ segment and discuss the series finale of SUPERNATURAL as well as the Amazon original series HAND OF GOD. Of coarse there's much more.Please...

Episode 74 The 2020 Wrap-up

Dino flys solo this week to give a year end message and a small taste of things to come in the New Year.Remember to Be Decent To Each Other

Episode 72- Nude Podcasting and a Rampaging Fatman

Dino and Michele talk about perspective and Holiday Traditions. Featured films include Uwe Boll's RAMPAGE trilogy, OPEN 24 HOUR (both featuring actor Brendan Fletcher)and the New Paramount Santasploitation film FATMAN.Be good, Be merry, and BE DECENT TO EACH OTHER


In this episode Michele opens up about her new inner strength and confidence. Dino reviews the Blumhouse "Remakimaging" of BLACK CHRISTMAS and some special thanks are given.Be sure to rate, review and Be Decent To Each Other!

Episode 69 Coping Through The Crap Storm

Dino and Michele have yet another hectic week but find some festive spiritual renewal. Dino watches NIGHTMARE on ELM ST with the girls and also starts the Amazon original series THE HAND OF GOD starring Ron Pearlman and Garrett Dillahunt.

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